Inspection / Surveying Services

  1. Inspection of containers/ isotainers/bulk tanks/road tankers/vessel’s tanks etc. for cleanliness, and suitability to receive cargo.
  2. Confirmation of tank emptiness before loading/ after discharge.
  3. Confirmation of loaded/ discharged quantities and sealing of tanks/tankers.
  4. Tallying (dry cargo).
  5. Vessel loading/discharge supervision (marine surveying) – both dry and liquid cargo, bunker surveys and draft surveys can be arranged.
  6. Verification of correct tank/ tanker line-ups during loadings/ discharges.
  7. Sampling activities – T, M, B and DB – all sources – ship, shore, drums, etc. including packaging and delivery
  8. Stock audits – bulk tanks/warehouse/ silos/ drumming/ receipt/ dispatch/monthly/annually, where required. Technical and on-site staff placements- tank/er loadings/washings/hose connections etc.
  9. Clearing and forwarding can be arranged.

Product Testing Services

  1. Testing of fuel, petrochemicals, agri products
  2. Collection and delivery of samples from all regions – locally and globally
  3. Packaging of samples – includes hazardous products
  4. Sample retention for any specified period/s
  5. Splitting of samples as instructed
  6. Preparing hand/lab-blends; and onward delivery thereof
  7. Safe disposal on expiry of retention period
  8. Any other special requests pertaining to samples and sampling.

Staff Placements/ Labour Broking

  1. Supervision and staffing during inter-tank transfers, drumming, and packaging operations.
  2. Technical and on-site staff placements- tank/er loadings/washings/hose connections / inspections, sealings etc.
  3. Independent confirmation of bulk packaging condition/labels/ HSE information/quantity and issuance of inspection certificates thereon, including photographic reports where required.

QA/ Enviro/ Health and Safety Consultation

  1. Documentation and implementation of ISO 9001, 14001, and 17025, as well as OHSAS 18001. Systems; includes training – leading to certification.
  2. Assistance with Site permits applications, and EIA consultation.
  3. RESPONSIBLE CARE documentation, implementation, and audits.


  1. Overseeing projects on Client’s behalf, including evaluation of existing and new projects and submission of proposals.

Investigations / Root Cause Analysis / Surveillance Porgrams

  1. Independent incident investigations.
  2. Independent investigations of product contamination/ losses.
  3. Surveillance of loading / offloading activities for bulk tankers and trucks.
  4. Retail Site / Depot / Tank farm activity surveillance including product quality, HSSE and regulatory requirements.

Supply of Inspection and Testing Equipment

  1. Gasoila water indicating paste/ Product indicating paste.
  2. TP7 and other electronic Thermoprobes
  3. UTI trimode gauging equipment – for ullage, temperature and oil-water interface determination. for closed, restricted and open systems. (MMC)
  4. Sampling equipment – Dead Bottom, all level etc
  5. Certified thermometers and hydrometers, viscometers and viscosity standards, and other testing equipment.
  6. Sample Containers – Cans, bottles etc.
  7. Dip tapes and dip-sticks and calibration of meter-rules, dip-sticks, and dip-tapes.

Outsourcing Services

  1. Outsourcing of laboratories, and projects (including drumming, blending, packaging facilities and wash-bays).


  1. Transport and warehousing brokering/arrangement.
  2. Local and cross-border tanker deliveries – quantity verification and sealing to prevent theft, contamination and losses (shrinkage).
  3. Technical advice and assistance; surveillance programs.
  4. Sourcing of various petroleum and chemical products (Suppliers) – general/specialty products.
  5. Sourcing of Customers/ Users of various products.
  6. Technical publications library service.
  7. Access to tank and meter calibration services.
  8. Operation of ATG and auto-sampling equipment.